Custom Solutions

Seamless Internet at Mobile Vehicles

Nowadays we do not even want to think a moment that we don’t have access to the internet. Everyone would like to be able to connect to the internet anytime and anywhere with their tables and smartphones for business or fun. Same is valid while travelling. When an important e-mail should be sent, when we want to listen to music, watch a video or share a selfie on a bus, on train or on a ferry, the passengers no longer pays attention to the speed of the vehicle bu speed of the internet.

TESLAKOM comes into play at this point. It offers reliable and 5 times faster connection than normal 3G/4.5G internet with a specialized solution for vehicles. A single 3G/4.5G connection speed is inadequate when distributed to all passengers. TESLAKOM provides fast and uninterrupted communication by combining different mobile operators’ (Turkcell, Vodafone, Avea)  connections with specially designed products for mobile. While passengers get a fast internet connection like they are at home or in office with this method, thanks to redundancy they are not disconnected from internet if there is a problem in one or both of the mobile connections.   

In today's world of technology it is not enough for passengers to reach internet. Internet speed, continuity and quality makes a difference and holds a very important place in customer preferences. You also can make a difference and be a step forward in the competition with TESLAKOM solutions.