DDoS Protection Solutions
(Distributed Denial of Service)

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks is one of the most important information technology threats for private companies and public institutions. DDoS attacks aim to make facilites and services that are provided over internet functionless by destroying the limited resources of institutions. These attacks interrupt the service by benefiting from the defects in system design, weaknesses in the corporate applications and inadequate access resources.  

Today, with the increase of hacking, cyber terrorism and internet crime; DDoS attacks come into agenda more. They stand out as a threat against the institutions more developed, increased in size and more often. TESLAKOM DDoS protection solution, which is designed specific for your business, helps to ensure business continuity and nonstop functioning of your system. DDoS protection solution which benefits from advanced&sophisticated attack, defence and combat technologies creates a perfect defense mechanism against attacks from internet with easy installation, user-friendly interface and automatic mitigation features.

Customized Defense with Instant Blocking

With the help of plain and simple user interface, you achieve easy setup, quick configuration and efficient usage. As soon as protection system is put into use, many of the attacks that can harm your network will be immediately blocked. TESLAKOM DDoS protection solution blocks harmful threats such as application layer, L3/L4 and volumetric attacks. Your organization's traffic patterns and trends are monitored, potential attacks are analyzed and customized defense advices are given.  

Proactive and Automated DDoS Protection 

TESLAKOM DDoS protection solution automatically detects attacks without the need for manual intervention and blocks attacks without affecting the performance of service. It aims to eliminate the workload of your staff originating from attacks and it is designed to operate in such a way that does not require user intervention.

Dedicated Control And Monitoring 

With TESLAKOM DDoS protection solution, you can gain real-time monitoring capability against threats, attacks and blocked hosts. You can set active warnings depending on threshold values when needed.

Stay Updated, Take Necessary Measures

Our defense system continuously monitors attacks and threats occurring in different parts of the world, analyzes these threats and informs the defense system in your institution. Thus, countermeasures are incorporated and you will be a step ahead of threats with automatic updates.

Real-time Reporting and Analysis 

With TESLAKOM DDoS Solution, you can get customized, quite detailed and easily understandable real-time reports. In these reports tou can reach alot of of information such as logs about actions that are taken by defense mechanism, blocked hosts, countries which are the sources of the attacks and past trends.

Inspecting Encrypted Traffic

TESLAKOM DDoS Protection Solution increases defense against SSL encrypted traffic. DDoS attacks are blocked in real time as normal traffic passes uninterrupted – all without forcing changes to existing network and application infrastructure.