Virtualizations Solutions

The increase in the usage of information technology, business needs of companies and the services they provide cause a steady growth in hardware and software resources. Due to the workload caused by the increase in the resources, there may be delays in businees needs and services. Management of numerous hardware and systems increases the needs for human resources and due to the fact that the investments are not managed, the desired level of eficiency cannot be reached.


Virtualization offers fast, managable and cost-effective information technology infrastructure with consolidated platform.


With TESLAKOM Virtualization Solution,

  • You can consolidate your hardware resources based on your current system inventory,
  • You can determine optimal resources to meet your business needs,
  • You can configure your resource pool according to business needs in the most convenient way,
  • You can easily add a new resource to resource pool,
  • You always feel the knowledge to manage your existing resource pool beside you.


TESLAKOM Virtualization Solutions gain you much more than you invested for virtualization and at the same time makes you more powerful in the business process.