LAN Solutions

Today, in order the businesses to be successful the employees should work efficiently and in order the employees to be efficient their communication should be perfect. The most basic telecommunication infrastructure needs of all public institutions and private companies is to design and establish a local area network (LAN). Almost all communication of public institutions and private companies are configured based on local network. The companies hire their own IT team or use outsources for any operation in their local area network. The reason for this is all tasks like cabling, line set up, active/passive device set up such as modem, firewall, switch, router, IP/PBX need expertise.  


TESLAKOM designes your local area infrastructure according to the needs of your company or institution including cabling and all kinds of active/passive device; and configures your network the best quality and innovative products.


Local area network solution offered by TESLAKOM is not limited with configuration and management only. In addition to these services monitoring, notifying, reporting and fault intervention services are also available. Monitoring, notifying and reporting services include proactive and continuous monitoring of all active and passsive devices in your local area network (or in WAN upon request) and warning services (with e-mail, SMS, interface etc.) in case of problems in any network device. You can monitor your network via user friendly interface and you can reach numerical information, analyses nd reports.


With TESLAKOM Local Area Network Solution;

  • You make budget and time saving by oursourcing while reducing LAN setup and management costs which use companies own resources,
  • You can follow operational functioning in your local area network yourself via interfaces or you can let TESLAKOM experts monitor all devices in your network and response problems quickly,
  • You can follow progress with turnkey project logic due to professional project management and you ensure cost optimization,
  • You can keep your local area network up to date with our consulting and support packages.