Bonding Solutions

Enterprises which have multiple branches often use simple VPN solutions or expensive point-to-point lines taken from service providers for communication between branches.

TESLAKOM bonding solution provides high bandwidth, secure and affordable VPN access by combining WAN connections. Also by using multiple access technologies simutaneously, it provides redundancy for the WAN connections.

Various Access Alternatives

TESLAKOM bonding solution does not need an external modem. It can connect 6 different WAN technologies directly. It can not only allow simultaneous use of WAN connections but also provide active/passive back-up.

High Capacity

TESLAKOM bonding solution supports upto 200 Mbps bandwidth in the branches. In the center it can suppurt upto 2 Gbps bandwidth for the traffic between branches.

Customized Mobile Solutions

It makes high bandwidth mobile data connection possible with specialized 3G/4.5G solutions. This solution can be used in the locations where no fixed line exists or in the vehicles.

Traffic Management

TESLAKOM bonding solution increases the performance of your connection via TCP optimization and QoS properties and also enables to manage QoS policies through WAN connections.


1) Free İnternet in Trains and Buses

With bonding it is possible to provide highly available, high bandwidth and affordable internet service in public transport vehicles like buses, trains and subways.

2) Kiosks, POS and Mobile Collection Offices

With the development of public utilities(electricity, natural gas, water&severage etc.) and retail sector; affordable, high bandwidth, highly available and secure collection and payment systems became crucial. Bonding solutions enable secure and reliable VPN connections through internet with minimized costs and high performance.